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We are commited to helping you before, during and after you buy your puppy from us...


All puppies are cute, but this is not the reason to buy a dog! The decision to purchase a puppy should be made responsibly...

Reasons to Buy from Us !!!

We have been at the same address for 19 years. We can always be contacted before, during and after you buy your puppy.

We have been raising Basset Hounds since 1997 so we know the temperment and health issues with our dogs.

We have a Puppy Contract beween Breeder and Buyer to state what is agreed upon before buying your puppy.

We will do our best to help you with your puppy for the life of your puppy.

We live out in the country so that gives our dogs and puppies lots of room to run and play and just be a dog.

They get lots of excersise that helps keeps them healthy. It also helps keep their bones and joints strong.

We have nice big play pens for our dogs and puppies so they get lots of fresh air and sunshine.

Our dogs and puppies are NOT caged.

Our dogs and puppies get balls, chew toys, etc to play with.

We give our dogs smoked knee caps/horse hooves to chew on to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

We are right there beside our Momma's while they are giving birth. Helping them if needed.

We start working with our puppies at a young age so they are well socialized and active. They begin to know our voice at a young age and follow us around.

Our dogs and puppies are registered with the AKC.

Our male dogs are DNA Certified. So the parents of our puppies can be proven.

Both parents are on site for you to see.

We do require spay or neutering.

We have referals.

We have experience with the Airlines for shipping your puppy.

You are welcome to come visit and see where your puppy is coming from.

We feed our dogs and puppies a vet recommended large breed dog and puppy food.

Purina Dog Chow and Purina Puppy Chow Large Breed Puppy.

Our dogs and puppies get fresh water at least twice daily. More ofter when it is hot summertime. The puppies get their bellies splashed to cool off.

All our dogs and puppies are on a complete vet recommended vacination, deworming, flea and tick program.

All our dogs and puppies are examined by our vet as scheduled by or vet.

We have a very close relationship with our vet.

We have a clean healthy enviroment for our dogs and puppies.

Microchipping for our puppies is available.

Pedigree for our puppies are available.

Additional pics of our puppies are available.

Our puppies come with a health certificate signed by our vet.

Pics of the parents of our puppies are available.