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A pet PUPPY is defined here to be a puppy which is in good health at the time of sale, and embodies the characteristics of the breed . This PUPPY is purebred and is registerable (registered) with the American Kennel Club.

The BREEDER guarantees the PUPPY to be healthy at the time of the sale.

The BREEDER guarantees the PUPPY for one year from the birthdate against contagious and or genetic puppy disease. BUYER agrees to show an up to date shot record and or written diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian. Both BREEDERS and BUYERS veterinarians must concur on diagnosis. BUYER agrees to provide any documentation the BREEDER and or BREEDERS veterinarian request. If both BUYER and BREEDERS veterinarian concur BREEDER agrees to refund BUYER full purchase price of puppy upon return of the puppy. BUYER is responsible for all transportation costs in returning the puppy to BREEDER.

The BREEDER does not assume any liability for any injury to PUPPY after pickup.

The BUYER agrees that the PUPPY being purchased is for a companion animal [pet], and not for breeding purposes. Breeding the dog or bitch voids any warrantee. Limited AKC registration will be given to the BUYER.

The BUYER agrees to have the PUPPY spayed or neutered within 6 months of puppy's birthdate. BUYER agrees to provide BREEDER with written documentation from veterinarian on completion of surgery. Failing to do so voids any warrantee.

Microchipping for the PUPPY is available by the BREEDER.  BUYER pays an additional fee of $50 per PUPPY.Submission of forms and activation of microchip is BUYERS responsibility .

The BUYER agrees to pick up the PUPPY at puppy's 8 week birthday or agreeed upon date. The BUYER agrees to pay the BREEDER $50 a day if not picked up on agreed date, until puppy is picked up.

The BUYER agrees to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of pickup and to provide BREEDER with documentaion of the exam from the veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup.

The BUYER agrees to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of pickup.Should BUYERS veterinarian advise BUYER of serious health issues and or birth defects and BREEDERS veterinarian concur with the diagnosis BREEDER will pay ONLY for authorized vet bills.Replacement of the PUPPY is an option if agreed by BREEDER and BUYER.Unless other arragements are made between BREEDER and BUYER.

If the puppy is found to be other than healthy by the BUYER'S veterinarian, the BUYER agrees that the puppy will be returned to the BREEDER immediately, and the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded after the puppy has been received by the BREEDER. Deadline for this refund is 1 week from delivery date.All transportation in returning the PUPPY is the BUYERS responsibility.

BUYER agrees to supply all supporting documentation and contact information to the BREEDER in order for a refund request.This includes veterinarian records for puppy purchased and contact information of BUYERS veterinarian.

All appropriate shots and deworming for the PUPPY'S age have been given, and a record of this vaccination history is supplied by BREEDER.

BUYER agrees that this PUPPY will be treated as an integral part of the PUPPY'S family, will not be kept tied, chained or otherwise abused. The PUPPY will not be shut away from family members and isolated from full socialization with its family. Further, this PUPPY will not be housed in a damp, cold, unheated environment. This PUPPY will not be beaten, starved, neglected, and/ or abused in any respect.We prefer that the PUPPY be a part of the family and live with you in your home and not in a kennel. BUYER will write to or call the BREEDER periodically for the purpose of reporting on mental and physical development of this PUPPY, as well as its accomplishments.
The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy's health in good condition, and to provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heartworm test, and any other usual procedures necessary to assure good health.

The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce healthy sound puppies.And by raising the puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, socialization and veterinary care.

The BUYER agrees to keep the puppy on a veterinarian recommended large breed puppy formula puppy food for the first two years of puppy's lifetime. Thereafter BUYER agrees to feed a veterinarian recommended large breed adult dog food.

There are many factors that can influence growth and development, such as diet, exercise, weight gain, etc.. The BUYER assumes the responsibility to carry on with the appropriate vaccinations, exercise and feeding schedule, as recommended by the BUYERS veterinarian. The BREEDER can offer no further guarantees once the care of the puppy is no longer under their control.

The BUYER agrees that neither he/she nor the BUYER'S estate/executors may sell this PUPPY or transfer ownership of this PUPPY without the BREEDER'S knowledge and written consent

The BUYER hereby agrees that if at any time the Buyer cannot take proper care of the puppy, the BUYER must contact the BREEDER and the BREEDER will have the first choice to either: (a) take the PUPPY back or (b) assist the BUYER in finding a suitable home for the PUPPY.The PUPPY will be returned with the AKC papers and any medical records.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the PUPPY to be placed in a pet shop, animal shelter, or similar establishment.

The BUYER agrees to notify the BREEDER of any changes of address during the PUPPY'S lifetime.

The Buyer agrees to provide a suitable fenced area for this puppy. Using a harness to walk the puppy is reccommended.

The BUYER will make a deposit of half the total price  (unless otherwise agreed) for the puppy of their placement which will hold that puppy until pickup Deposits are nonrefundable.The cost of the puppy is only refundable if death of the puppy occurs with BREEDER. (If something happens to selected puppy, before pickup, BUYER can choose to get a different puppy as soon as it is available). The Remaining balance will be due 1 week before pickup date. Unless otherwise agreed between BUYER and BREEDER (in form of cash, credit or debit card).

The BREEDER agrees to give the BUYER a placement in the order as deposits are made. BUYER agrees to confirm which liter and gender of the puppy they are wanting at time of deposit. (Unless otherwise agreed)

BUYER agrees to pick a particular puppy they prefer in the order the deposits are received when the puppies are 5 weeks of age or when they have been health checked by BREEDERS veterinarian.


The BREEDER neither makes or implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Breeder and Buyer with respect to this sale. By purchasing a puppy from the BREEDER indicates that the BUYER has read, agrees and does understands all the conditions of the Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale.If any of the above terms have not been met by BUYER this contract is considered void.