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Welcome to our home. Here you will see a few pics of our place, where we and our Bassets live.

We made our sign ourselves. Hauled a log home in the back of our pick up, my husband cut it in half with a chainsaw, I got some stencils from Hobby Lobby and this is our sign we have up by our house.

This is a pic of our home taken from a distance. When we first moved here this was all pasture land. We built everything ourselves except for our house. Landscaping, fences, buildings etc.

This is where our adult bassets live. They all have large, chain link, nice and shady yards to run, play, dig, chew bones and don't forget lay around in. The hill is ideal for our bassets legs and joints. Great exercise!!

This is where our Mommas have their babies. They are in here 2 weeks before they are due until their babies are weaned at 6 weeks old. There are 9 pens. Each are 10 ft. long x 6 ft. wide inside and outside with a doggy door. This is where our puppies learn to use the doggy door and get started on pody training.

This is where our puppies run, play and follow their nose. They love being outside when it is nice weather and when it is to cold for them to be outside we keep them in the momma shed. Here they have a nice big yard to be in with lots of chew toys and tunnels to run in and out of when they chase eachother around. Which is so much fun to watch. Please take special notice of the cute fire hydrants. Which my husband and I loaded and unloaded by hand and he cut the cast iron pipe short enough to bury. We both thought it would be approprite for our puppy pens.

Even though Angus, Junior and Roscoe's pic is last they will be the first to introduce themselves to you. They are our Mastiff's and Bulldog who do an awesome job of garding us and our bassets.
We hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come back again!!