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These are our sweet, adorable, precious and smart little Basset Hound Puppies that are needing new loving homes.

 If you are looking for an AKC Registered Basset Hound puppy with LONG ears, DROOPY eyes, BIG feet & lots of WRINKLES to love - you came to the right place.

We are asking $1250 for our babies, just click on our pay page to pay with pay pal, debit or credit card.


We are taking deposits on our BOY Basset Hound puppies. If you are interested in one of our BOY puppies please email me back. I will need your name address and phone number if you are wanting a BOY. Sorry I cannot guarantee color preference, so if that’s a concern please wait before putting a deposit down to see pictures.  I will begin my waiting list in the order of deposits received. After I have received a deposit I will let you know when my BOY puppies have been health checked by my veterinarian at 5 weeks of age and that is when you can see pictures and pick out your BOY puppy. Deposits that are made are for the puppies being born in November 2020 not for future litters. Pick up only, Sorry shipping is NOT available. Any other questions please let me know.

Buttercup and Susie's babies were born November 5, they will be 8 weeks old and ready for new homes December 31.

Pansy's babies were born November 8, they will be 8 weeks old and ready for new homes January 5.

Sidney's babies were born November 9, they will be 8 weeks old and ready for new homes January 5.

Bunny's babies were born November 13, they will be 8 weeks old and ready for new homes January 8.


For references please go to my Facebook Page, BC Young or BC Young Bassets 

If you have any questions please feel welcome to email or call 308-750-9335 Central Time Zone.



Please read our Puppy Contract for terms and conditions before putting down a deposit and please contact me to confirm availbility on our puppies. 308 750 9335

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